Assembléon hosts the 1st revived quarterly meeting 2012, December 14th 14:00.

To revive the Dommel Valley quarterly meetings, Assembléon invites us for a 1st meeting on Friday December 14th.  During this informal meeting Dommel Valley participants are invited to share their learning activities.



14:00  Welcome by Michèl Koonen (Assembléon)

14:05  Short introduction

14:15  Performance support initiatives @ Dommel Valley participants

15:00  Networking

16:30  Closing

Assembléon Veldhoven


Interested in joining ?  Please to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. December 11th the latest when you will be joining.


Location / route description

Assembléon Netherlands B.V.
De Run 1102
5503 LA Veldhoven
The Netherlands