About Us

The Dommel Valley Group (DVG) was founded in 1998 by a group of Learning Professionals from several High Tech companies in the Dommel Valley region, such as Philips, ASML, Océ and Assembléon, and the Technical University of Eindhoven. DVG still is what it started out to be: a group of enthusiastic Learning Professionals interested in sharing knowledge, best practices and visions on learning practices, now and in the future.

DVG organizes a recurring symposium that allows Learning Professionals from all across the Netherlands to attend for just a minor fee. Attending this Dommel Valley Event is a must for anyone interested in knowing the L&D status quo and future ambitions of some of the Netherlands most successful high-tech companies.

The current Dommel Valley Foundation board members are:

 John Jeuken ASML  Chairman
 Michel Koonen    Treasurer
 Harry van de Wouw     Technical University Eindhoven  Secretary


Current organizing members of the 2021 Dommel Valley Symposium are:

 Harry van de Wouw 
Technical University Eindhoven
 Derek Bos Technical University Eindhoven
 Wendela Vuurberg Thermo Fisher Scientific
 Josie van Schilt Philips 
 John Jeuken ASML
 Roelie Joekeman ASML
 Leon van Nieuwenburg ASML
 Christian van Wel ASML
 Janine Dobbelsteen Dutch Ministry of Defense


In addition to being a lively network, DVG organizes visits to the “L&D kitchens” of many companies that are both directly or indirectly associated with DVG.

Current organizing members of the DVG quarterly meetings are:

 Wendy Ankersmit      Philips
 Sonja Jansen Philips
 Willy de Jong ASML
 Sjors van der Heijde ASML