Announcement Event 2015


Date: 2 April 2015

Venue: Eindhoven University of Technology/ Auditorium

The Dommel Valley group is happy to announce its' 2015 event 'The Changing Vision on Learning.' On our event we welcome a dozen session facilitators and following speakers;


Maaike Endedijk

Maaike Endedijk is Assisant Professor at the University of Twente. She researches various types of workplace based learning at the Department of Educational Science. Maaike is particularly interested in the setting of self regulated learning and its' facilitation in high-tech organisations. She uses modern techniques to visualize employees' learning activities in her research. In addition she is Assistant Professor at the ATLAS University College of the University of Twente. She co-designed this interdisciplinary study in which social and technical disciplines come together and she now coaches talented students in their development to become 'the new engineer'.











Manfred Spitzer

Manfred SpitzerManfred Spitzer studied medical science (MD in 1983), psychology and philosophy (Diploma in 1984)

From 1990 to 1997, Manfred Spitzer was Lecturer in psychiatry, Chief of clinical services and Director of the Section for Experimental Psychopathology at the Psychiatric Hospital
of the University of Heidelberg. Furthermore, he was Visiting Scholar at Michael Posner’s laboratory at the Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences at the University of Oregon (1992) and Visiting Professor at the Department of Psychology, Harvard University, teaching undergraduate and graduate students. (1989-1990; 1994)

Since 1997, Manfred Spitzer has been Medical Director, Professor and Chairman of the newly established Psychiatric Hospital at the University of Ulm. His research activities focus on higher, cognitive functions at the interface between cognitive neuroscience, psychology, and psychopathology, using multimodal neuroimaging techniques such as event related potentials, functional magnetic resonance imaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and experimental neuropsychological methods.

In 2004, he founded the Transfer Center for Neurosciences and Learning where he has
held the position of Chairman.

As an internationally renowned scientist in brain research, Professor Spitzer is the author of several popular science books and more than 100 scientific papers in international journals. His current activities include a weekly TV appearance in the educational channel of Bavaria.




Joseph Kessels

Joseph KesselsJoseph Kessels is professor at the University of Twente in Human Resource Development and professor of Educational Leadership at the Welten Institute of the Open University Netherlands. From 1995- 2000 he held a similar chair at the University of Leiden. Until 2008 he served as Dean of TSM Business School. In 1977, together with Cora Smit, he founded Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company. Over 30 years the Learning Company became an international consultancy firm specializing in HRD topics in the domain of training, learning and development of people in their work. Joseph Kessels was linked with this professional network until 2010.